Welcome to the website for BYOB Ventures Limited. Our company is a few years old, but we have reached the point where a centralised website with information about what is happening with our business would benefit to our investors, fans of our projects and a good place to share news about what is happeningĀ – both good and bad.

Let me start out by giving a description of what BYOB Ventures Ltd. does. The company was formed to develop and nurture a variety of projects and entities in the artisan food and drink industry. We began doing keg distribution for Galway Hooker Brewery and have since gone on to form a contract brewery and our own brewery brand. We hope to develop and expand upon all of these businesses in the upcoming year and look forward to working with new and existing customers as we look to expand with each project we undertake.

If you have any questions you can always drop us a line at hello@byobv.com or you can reach me the General Manager, Jonathan@byobv.com directly. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Jonathan Spielberg

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