We are looking for production partners!

Are you ready to hang your hat at your new brewery? We are selling production shares in our latest project – Select Batch Brewing at Unit 55 Premier Business Park in Dublin.

What you get with your investment is an equal percentage of our maximum production capacity based on your investment amount. With that you will be able to brew whatever beer you want with our Select Batch brewer.

This arrangement could be ideal for new breweries looking to start off, a publican interested in having their own beer or an existing brewery that would like to increase their capacity. If this sounds like an interesting proposition, or you would like to come visit our new facility then get in touch with us at hello@byobv.com.

Things to consider:

  • This investment in production does not include the ownership of any equipment but all necessary equipment will be provided.
  • You will be leasing our facility and staff for a fixed period of time each month, brewing your beer at cost.
  • If at any time you’d like to sell your production shares in Select Batch Brewing, you may do so with just 90 days notice.
  • Our estimated maximum production capacity is approximately 1250HL per year. To put that in more accessible terms that is over 4100 30L kegs, or 250,000 pints.
  • Brewing in Select Batch can begin as early as August/September.

For more information email us at hello@byobv.com.