Craftworks Contract Brewery

With the purchase of Galway Hooker’s old brewery in November 2014, we began our long trek to build Ireland’s first contract brewery in Broombridge. With many delays and setbacks, which we were soon to find out were the norm, we began contract brewing in May 2015. We were inundated with customers straight away and soon found that we had less production capacity than what was needed. After some stalled starts and stops trying to expand in our location we realised that we would not be able to stay there and in September of 2016 we stopped production and planned our move to a larger facility. See Select Batch Brewing – Premier below…

Post Card Brewing Company

Our first batch of Post Card beer was brewed in July 2015 and even with some awards and consumer praise the brand was limited by the amount of production capacity at the Craftworks Broombridge facility. With two new facilities being setup we look forward to re-launching the Post Card Brand on a nationwide scale.

Craftworks Sales & Distribution

With the closure of Craftworks Contract Brewery, and the formation of Select Batch Brewing, we have decided to retain Craftworks Sales and Distribution. Opening in June 2017 we are currently looking to hire a brand manager to do sales for our own Post Card brand and a few other brands.

Select Batch Brewing – Premier Brewery

Formed in March of 2017, Select Batch Brewing is a separate company running the production facility in our new brewery located in Premier Business Park off Ballycoolin Road.