BYOB Ventures Ltd. – Equipment Crowdfunding Offer

Below is a listing of the equipment we plan to purchase with the funds we raise through crowdfunding from investors, family and friends. The total amount of funding we are looking to raise is €50,000 and will begin paying back that loan in May 2017. The equipment pictured or described is not necessarily the final piece of equipment we will receive and all loans are secured by equipment that is valued equal to or greater than the loan amount.

Uni Tanks: Two 1000 litre uni tanks and one 2000 litre uni tank

Building a bigger and better brewery has been our primary goal with our recent move from our last premises in Cabra, Broombridge to Premier Business park.

Our major limitations in our last premises were temperature control, beer losses from transfers and a shortage of tank space. This purchase will resolve that problem. And will allow for our production to increase by 38% to over 2000HL per year.

A common question is “What is a unitank?” Unlike a fermentation vessel which holds the beer during the primary fermentation before moving it on to a conditioning tank, a unitank does both the primary and conditioning in one vessel. The cone shaped bottom allows for the removal of the yeast and the temperature control helps maintain the correct temperature throughout the formation process.

Vessel costs:

€5720 @ 12% APR interest to be paid over 48 months for each two 1000 litre uni-tanks. Total Repayment per unitank is €7460.20 with a monthly repayment amount of €155.42. We will need to purchase two of these 1000 litre tanks.

The larger 2000 litre unitank will cost €7265 @ 12% APR interest to be paid over 48 months. Total cost including finance will be €9,390.85 and the monthly repayment will be €195.64 per month.


One drawback of our new facility compared to the serviced business centre is that will lose the savings on shared costs for such things as internet and waste removal. The biggest loss is the use of a forklift that was shared by everyone in the unit. While we looked at renting a forklift, the monthly rental cost was three times a hire/purchase even with interest added in. Our new unit is well designed with the brewery and tanks on the ground floor on a mezzanine which is more than 3 meters up. Our new forklift needs to be capable of handling weight over a metric tonne, while still be small enough to maneuver around the brewery.

Forklift cost:

€12,300 @ 12% APR interest to be paid over 48 months for 3 wheel forklift. Total Repayment is €15,370.26 with a monthly repayment amount of €320.21.

Laboratory equipment and fit out

Unlike fermentation vessles or a forklift, building a lab is part equipment and part construction. But our laboratory has one key piece of equipment that makes up the main cost of our €9840 budget. The QCL Scientific BeerLab is an essential piece of equipment for a large brewery to have, but being a contract brewing facility we want to purchase this piece of equipment and offer Lab services to other smaller breweries as well as our brewing customers.


The BeerLab will allow us to test Beer for: Bitterness, Colour, Alcohol, pH, Fermentable Sugars, Lactic Acid D+L, Starch, Free Amino Nitrogen and Sulfur Dioxide.

We will be able to test Water for: Calcium, Magnesium, Bicarbonate, Chloride, Potassium, Sulfate and Zinc.

In addition to the BeerLab, which retails in the UK for just over £5500, we will need to setup the lab with Stainless steel tables, microscopes, flooring and expendable testing kits.

Laboratory cost:

€9840 @ 12% APR interest to be paid over 48 months is the budget for the laboratory setup and equipment. Total Repayment is €12,296.21 with a monthly repayment amount of €256.17.

Cold Room Equipment and Fitout

Temperature control is a crucial element to improving our new brewery and it was something we were sorely lacking in our last premises. Setting up an energy efficient glycol cold room will allow us to chill all of our un-jacketed conditioning tanks. We will also have cold storage for our hops and ample supply of glycol to feed our uni tanks and other jacketed tanks.

The various elements needed to build this system are being provided by Ecocool and with their help we have designed a system with two compressors, a glycol unit with control panel and a chiller for our cold room. We will construct the cold room using simple wall studs, insulation and pvc cladding.

Glycol unit, Compressors and Cold Room cost:

€9155 @ 12% APR interest to be paid over 48 months is the budget for the Glycol unit and cold room fitout. Total Repayment is €11,440.20 with a monthly repayment amount of €238.34.

Return on Loan

  • €5000 loan repays €6248 over 48 months
  • €10,000 loan repays €12,496 over 48 months
  • €25,000 loan repays €31,240 over 48 months
  • No Penalty for repayment of the loan early.
  • Equal Interest/Principal paid over the loan